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19 May 2018 – The rise and rise of culturally aware, political and informed Kiwi millennials, Stuff. NZARE member Dr Bronwyn Wood, whose research specialises in youth citizenship and youth politics, comments on the trend for young people to be increasingly aware and active in relation to issues they consider important.

18 May 2018 – A first step, but not a transformation for children, Scoop/CPAG. NZARE co-president Associate Professor Jenny Ritchie comments on the Labour-NZ First-Green budget, praising the increased funding for the early childhood sector.

16 May 2018 – “Tuai: A traveller in two worlds” wins Ockham Book Award, Scoop/Bridget Williams Books. NZARE life member and NZARE Te Tohu Pae Tawhiti Award winner Professor Kuni Jenkins and NZARE McKenzie Award winner Professor Alison Jones are congratulated on winning the illustrated non-fiction category of the 2018 Ockham New Zealand Book Awards.

13 May 2018 – Princesses – and the sanitising of British history, E-Tangata. NZARE member Associate Professor Joanna Kidman reflects on her own childhood as a Māori girl in Rotorua in the 1960s and the messages she encountered about culture, womanhood, opportunities, identity and role models. She highlights the sanitised versions of Western history that prevail in the media and calls for us to do better in teaching our girls “that it’s possible for them to tell their own stories with constantly evolving plotlines — and also that some rules never stick.”

10 May 2018 – Health ed: Teaching mental, sexual and physical wellbeing, Radio NZ. Following recent media controversy around a NZ high school’s decision to give students a pamphlet about drug use, NZARE member Associate Professor Katie Fitzpatrick discusses the types and extent of information young people should be given about health and wellbeing issues.

10 May 2018 – Māori identity matters for student success, Newsroom. NZARE member Associate Professor Melinda Webber discusses the importance of identity in Te Ao Māori and calls for schools to do a better job of celebrating students’ individual identities and cultural heritages.

4 May 2018 – Hato Pāora students to have restricted driver’s licence before leaving school, Stuff. NZARE member Dr Peter Rawlins draws on his research into school-based driver training to comment on a Manawatū boarding school’s decision to provide all students with driver training. The secondary school is encouraging all its students to gain their restricted licence before leaving school.

2 May 2018 – The skepticism threshold: Is there any evidence for inquiry learning? Education Review. NZARE member Dr Cathy Wylie ONZM challenges UK education Tom Bennett’s claims about the value of inquiry learning and the gap between educational research and classroom practitioners. Cathy describes ways that educational research in Aotearoa NZ involves teachers and addresses school-based priorities.

2 May 2018 – Tomorrow’s Schools review by yesterday’s leaders, NZ Herald. NZARE member Associate Professor Katie Fitzpatrick raises concerns about the makeup of the ministerial taskforce to review Tomorrow’s Schools. Noting Audre Lorde’s argument that “the master’s tools will never dismantle the master’s house”, Katie calls for more diversity among the review panel.

1 May 2018 – Transformation not tinkering, Education Central. NZARE member Professor Missy Morton shares her thoughts and aspirations for the upcoming review of Tomorrow’s Schools. She highlights values and practices within our current education system that have not served students with disabilities and calls for transformational shifts that foster truly inclusive, democratic approaches to education in Aotearoa NZ.

28 April 2018 – Mt Albert Grammar and Glendowie College close doors to out of zone students, others will follow, NZ Herald. NZARE members Dr Tanya Wendt Samu and Professor Martin Thrupp comment on the declining number of out-of-zone places available at higher-decile schools.

27 April 2018 – National proposal to scrap decile system back on the cards, Stuff. NZARE life member Dr Vicki Carpenter comments on the private member’s bill proposing the replacement of the school decile system with a needs index, arguing that the proposed new system is complex, unnecessary, and fails to tackle the main issue of child poverty in Aotearoa NZ.

19 April 2018 – Taskforce focused on making a difference in kids’ lives, Education Central. NZARE life member Professor John O’Neill shares his hopes for the government taskforce appointed to undertake the biggest review of education in Aotearoa NZ in 30 years.

19 April 2018 – CPAG education expert appointed to Tomorrow’s Schools taskforce, CPAG. The NZ Child Poverty Action Group comments on the appointment of NZARE life member Professor John O’Neill to the government taskforce charged with conducting a comprehensive review of school governance and management in Aotearoa NZ. John is a long-standing and prominent member of CPAG’s Management Committee.

18 April 2018 – Education leader on taskforce to review schools, Scoop/Massey University. A profile of NZARE life member Professor John O’Neill who has been appointed to the government taskforce charged with conducting a comprehensive review of school governance and management in Aotearoa NZ. NZARE members Dr Cathy Wylie ONZM and Professor Mere Berryman ONZM are also part of the taskforce.

17 April 2018 – Curriculum wars: Coming to Aotearoa? Education Central. PPTA deputy general secretary of policy Tom Haig explores the competing curriculum philosophies espoused by two groups of New Zealand academics and educators. The first is the realist ‘powerful knowledge’ approach advocated by NZARE member Professor Elizabeth Rata and her colleagues (e.g. here) and by Briar Lipson (e.g. here), among others. The second is the ’21st century learning’ approach advocated by NZARE member Professor Jane Gilbert (e.g. here) and by Frances Valentine (e.g. here), among others.

17 April 2018 – The basic flaw in our education system, Newsroom. NZARE member Professor Elizabeth Rata argues that there are fundamental flaws in the NZ curriculum in terms of the consistency and criteria around the selection of content to be taught in both English and history.

11 April 2018 – Hurricanes apologise for ‘racist’ poster, RNZ. NZARE member Associate Professor Leonie Pihama speaks from a kaupapa Māori standpoint about the NZ sports team’s inappropriate reference to ‘Taranaki land wars’ in their promotional material.

11 April 2018 – Adding life to years in the North, Newsroom. NZARE member Dr Mere Kēpa reports on an aspect of an ongoing research project into ageing well. Mere’s contribution focuses particularly on how traditional Māori concepts can be used to meet future health needs.

10 April 2018 – Dr Linda Smith acknowledged for championing Indigenous research, Voxy. NZARE life member Professor Linda Tuhiwai Smith CNZM is awarded an honorary Doctorate of Laws by the University of Winnipeg, Canada, for her decades of work in Indigenous research and scholarship (see also the University of Winnipeg press release here).

5 April 2018 – Ministry welcomes findings on communities of learning, NZ Herald. NZARE member Dr Cathy Wylie ONZM comments on the findings related to Kāhui Ako | Communities of Learning within a recent teacher survey report.

4 April 2018 – Leading critic Cathy Wylie appointed to review Tomorrow’s Schools, NZ Herald. An article profiling the five members of the taskforce appointed by Minister of Education Chris Hipkins to review Tomorrow’s Schools. Three of the five members of the taskforce are NZARE members: Dr Cathy Wylie ONZM, Professor John O’Neill (NZARE life member) and Professor Mere Berryman ONZM.

4 April 2018 – Early education on guns needs to hear children’s voice, NZ Herald. NZARE member Dr Marek Tesar comments on the recent move by Evolve Education to create a gun safety kit for their daycare centres.

27 March 2018 – Educational solutions aplenty but what is the cause of the problem? Education Central. NZARE member Dr Linda Bendikson argues that we need to be clear about the problems with New Zealand’s education system before diving in with solutions.

25 March 2018 – Proposed education bill could be disastrous for disadvantage, Scoop / CPAG. NZARE life member Professor John O’Neill and past president Dr Liz Gordon express their concerns around the National MP Erica Stanford’s Education (Social Investment Funding and Abolition of Decile System) Amendment Bill.

23 March 2018 – How lowering the voting age to 16 could save democracy, The Conversation. NZARE member Dr Bronwyn Wood draws on a recent TLRI-funded study to contribute to this article which reviews the arguments for and against lowering the voting age.

21 March 2018 – Academic says schools should be open about how they spend public money, Manawatū Standard. NZARE life member Professor John O’Neill criticises the lack of transparency and public accountability requirements around schools’ financial management. His comments come after nine Manawatū-Whanganui schools whose financial practices were criticised by the auditor-general last year remain tight-lipped about the auditor-general’s concerns and what they have done to address the concerns.

18 March 2018 – Dr Joanna Kidman on youth activism, RNZ. Following the first national day of remembrance of the New Zealand Wars earlier this month, NZARE member Associate Professor Joanna Kidman discusses her research into the public debate on this topic and the 2015 petition presented to government by two students from Otorohanga College.

18 March 2018 – Insight: Dangerous daycares, RNZ. NZARE member Professor Carmen Dalli is interviewed to further discuss concerns about staffing ratios and the quality of care in New Zealand’s early childhood centres.

16 March 2018 – Low early childhood staffing could be ‘toxic’ – advocates, RNZ. Following reports of early childhood centres failing to meet staffing ratios and care NZARE member Professor Carmen Dalli highlights the dangers of inadequate supervision and care and calls for even higher staff ratios in early childhood education settings.

15 March 2018 – Solomons leadership style needs to change – Academic, RNZ. NZARE member Associate Professor Kabini Sanga, MNZM, challenges the Solomon Islands (his own home nation) to revise their national leadership style in order to allow the nation to flourish.

14 March 2018 – Pasifika youth urged to embrace their heritage, RNZ. NZARE member Associate Professor Kabini Sanga, MNZM, emphasises the importance of Pasifika youth exploring and celebrating their culture and heritage, particularly in our increasingly globalised world.

2 March 2018 – How our teacher shortage affects everyone, Newsroom. NZARE member Dr Camilla Highfield discusses the quality and equity implications of the current NZ teacher shortage and emphasises the need for short-, mid-, and long-term solution strategies.

28 February 2018 – How to fix the “staggering” decline in teacher trainees, Education Central. NZARE life member Professor John O’Neill and NZARE member Dr Fiona Ell comment on the government’s proposals to address the teacher shortage in Aotearoa NZ, highlighting the complexity of the issue and the need for solutions beyond “short-term sticking plaster[s].”

22 February 2018 – Government’s education reform plan labelled ‘fresh approach and hard work’ by educational expert, TVNZ Breakfast. NZARE member Dr Cathy Wylie, MNZM, comments on the new directions for education in Aotearoa NZ announced by the Minister this week.

21 February 2018 – CPAG welcomes new and improved Tomorrow’s Schools, Scoop/CPAG. NZARE life members Professor John O’Neill and Dr Vicki Carpenter respond on behalf of the NZ Child Poverty Action Group to the Minister of Education’s announcements this week regarding major education reforms over the next three years.

20 February 2018 – Educating teachers for a complex world, Education Central. NZARE members Professor Letitia Fickel and Dr Fiona Ell (heads of initial teacher education at the Universities of Canterbury and Auckland, respectively) are interviewed in relation to the recent ERO report on the quality of initial teacher education in Aotearoa NZ.

20 February 2018 – NCEA review: Let’s address quality, Stuff. A team of Victoria University academics including NZARE members Dr Bronwyn Wood, Dr Sue Cherrington, and Dr Anita Mortlock draw on their recent research to highlight issues with NCEA and priorities for the upcoming NCEA review.

19 February 2018 – Why public education works for Māori students, The Spinoff Ātea. Laures Park, Matua Takawaenga for NZEI, profiles the Developing Mathematical Inquiry Communities (DMICproject developed and overseen by NZARE member Professor Roberta Hunter and argues that DMIC is a great example of culturally responsive pedagogy within NZ state schools.

18 February 2018 – Why I didn’t sit with the other Māori girls at school, E-Tangata. NZARE member and Victoria University doctoral student Liana MacDonald writes about her personal experiences of institutional racism and racial power relations within schools in Aotearoa NZ: “Fail and you’re seen as just another Māori. Succeed and you’re just like everyone else.”

16 February 2018 – Are modern learning environments better for children? TVNZ Breakfast. NZARE member Dr Leon Benade is interviewed in response to a viewer question about modern learning environments in NZ schools.

13 February 2018 – Podcast on racism, Waatea News. NZARE vice-president Dr Mere Skerrett discusses the findings of a recent report from the Office of the NZ Children’s Commissioner and the NZ School Trustees Association reporting racism in schools across Aotearoa NZ.

13 February 2018 – Racism in schools? How dare we be surprised! Education Central. NZARE member Dr Ann Milne says she cannot think of a single Māori parent, grandparent, teacher, or educator who would be ‘surprised’ at recent findings from the  Office of the Children’s Commissioner and the New Zealand School Trustees Association reporting racism in our schools.

8 February 2018 – Reo Māori news bulletin, Radio Waatea. NZARE vice-president Dr Mere Skerrett speaks about the need for bilingual teachers within the Aotearoa NZ education system, in contrast to the current teaching workforce which is predominantly made up of teachers who only speak English.

2 February 2018 – “Corporate world enticing te reo Māori educators away from classroom”, Stuff. In the context of the nationwide teacher shortage, NZARE member Associate Professor Joanna Kidman highlights the need to build a strong cohort of Te Reo Māori speakers at all levels of education.

1 February 2018 – “The Cinderella of education” – How ECE is regarded in New Zealand, Education Central. NZARE member and newly-appointed Professor of Early Childhood Education Helen Hedges highlights the need for New Zealand’s international reputation as a world leader in ECE to be celebrated and matched by more action and government investment.

28 January 2018 – The Great Silence – The heartbreak of losing Te Reo, E-Tangata. NZARE member Associate Professor Joanna Kidman draws on her personal experiences to highlight the tragedy of language loss in 20th century NZ as “the English language jostled for ascendancy in the civic life of Aotearoa, and many, although not all, Māori voices were stilled.”

27 January 2018 – Education crisis: School’s in but where are teachers? 1 in 5 Auckland schools short of staff, NZ Herald. NZARE life member Professor John O’Neill (also head of the NZ Council of Deans of Education) comments on enrolment trends in teacher education programmes across NZ universities.

19 January 2018 – Private school price tag soars to $360,000 over child’s lifetime, NZ Herald. NZARE life member Professor John O’Neill comments on the rising cost of private schooling in New Zealand.

15 January 2018 – What would Matt Damon’s mom say about New Zealand getting rid of standards? Emeritus Professor Dr Nancy Carlsson-Paige (and, yes, she’s also Matt Damon’s mother) discusses the end of National Standards in New Zealand based on NZARE member Professor Martin Thrupp‘s blog post on the end of National Standards. This segment runs from 07:45 to 11:35 in the audio clip.

15 January 2018 – Pacific preschools ‘set back 30 years’ by tough English language tests, NZ Herald. NZARE member Dr Rae Si’ilata, Associate Dean Pasifika at the University of Auckland Faculty of Education and Social Work, comments on how the Education Council’s IELTS requirements for entry to teacher education programmes have affected Pasifika early childhood provision in Aotearoa NZ.



21 December 2017 – High demand for qualified early childhood education teachers in Bay of Plenty, Bay of Plenty Times. NZARE member Associate Professor Jayne White, Associate Dean Education at the University of Waikato’s Tauranga campus, discusses the importance of qualified teachers in early childhood settings.

15 December 2017 – There is more to learning to teach than copying a good teacher, Education Central. NZARE member Dr Fiona Ell responds to the recent Education Review Office report about newly graduated teachers’ preparedness and confidence to teach.

13 December 2017 – National standards ditched by government, Radio NZ. NZARE member Professor Martin Thrupp comments on the government’s decision to end National Standards for NZ schools.

8 December 2017 – Report: Large number of teaching graduates unprepared for classrooms, Newstalk ZB. NZARE life member Professor John O’Neill discusses a new ERO report indicating that a large number of teaching graduates feel unprepared to take on classroom challenges.

7 December 2017 – Stressful job worth it, say principals who love their job, Wanganui Chronicle. NZARE member Dr Cathy Wylie, MNZM, comments on new NZCER research into principals’ working lives.

5 December 2017 – Government mustn’t waver on closing dead duck charter schools, Scoop / Quality Public Education Coalition (QPEC). NZARE member and past president Dr Liz Gordon calls for the government to take urgent action to either close charter schools or integrate them into the state system.

29 November 2017 – Team hailed for living Māori research, Waatea News. An interview with NZARE member Associate Professor Leonie Pihama, director of Te Kotahi Research Institute at the University of Waikato, about the work of the Institute. Te Kotahi Research Institute won the 2017 NZARE Group Award for a significant educational research project undertaken in Aotearoa by a group of researchers that contributes to the body of knowledge in Maori and/or Pasifika research.

27 November 2017 – An outstanding postgraduate student, NZ Ministry for Pacific Peoples. The ministry congratulates NZARE member Leali’ie’e Tufulasifa’atafatafa Ova Taleni who was the first Pasifika researcher to win the NZARE Rae Munro award for high-quality Master’s research. Tufulasi shared the 2017 Rae Munro award with Claire Wilson of Massey University.

23 November 2017 – First Pasifika researcher to win education award, Scoop / University of Canterbury. A profile and acknowledgement of NZARE member Leali’ie’e Tufulasifa’atafatafa Ova Taleni who was one of two recipients of the 2017 NZARE Rae Munro award for high-quality Master’s research. Tufulasi is the first Pasifika recipient of this award.

23 November 2017 – Waikato research institute wins top award, Fuseworks Media. A profile and acknowledgement of Te Kotahi Research Institute (University of Waikato) which won the 2017 NZARE Group Award for a significant educational research project undertaken in Aotearoa by a group of researchers that contributes to the body of knowledge in Maori and/or Pasifika research.

23 November 2017 – Lack of food driving up poor health and truancy rates, study indicates, NZ Herald. NZARE life member Professor John O’Neill discusses the findings of new research into the health and wellbeing of high school students in Aotearoa NZ.

22 November 2017 – Why is my 14-year-old sitting exams? Stuff. NZARE member Dr Camilla Highfield questions the relevance and necessity of extended, written, closed-book examinations as a means of assessing student learning.

20 November 2017 – Cantabrian picks up national Māori education award, Stuff. A profile and acknowledgement of NZARE member Associate Professor Sonja Macfarlane who was the 2017 recipient of the NZARE Te Tohu Pae Tawhiti award for her significant contribution to Maori education by conducting high quality research over an extended period of time.

13 November 2017 – The Northland school teaching with art, Newsroom. An account of a school’s innovative teaching practice and the associated research being conducted by Dr Barbara Snook and NZARE member Associate Professor Ralph Buck.

8 November 2017 – National Standards – Let’s not throw the baby out with the bathwater, Dominion Post. NZARE member Dr Camilla Highfield argues that despite risks and costs, there is real value to the data we’ve gained through National Standards in assessing individual children’s development.

8 November 2017 – School survey finds high stress levels and staff struggles, Education Central. NZARE member and NZCER Chief Researcher Dr Cathy Wylie, MNZM, comments on the new reports published by NZCER on the National Survey of Primary and Intermediate Schools 2016.

6 November 2017 – Principals crying out for funding and support, Newstalk ZB. NZARE member and NZCER Chief Researcher Dr Cathy Wylie, MNZM, comments on the new reports published by NZCER on the National Survey of Primary and Intermediate Schools 2016.

5 November 2017 – Should we destroy the monuments of our colonial past? E-Tangata. NZARE member Associate Professor Joanna Kidman reflects on the way that New Zealand remembers its history.

31 October 2017 – Tūhoe and Te Kooti’s history reclaimed, Native Affairs. NZARE member Professor Taiarahia Black provides new insights into Tūhoe iwi’s position when Te Kooti passed through Tūhoe land and the Crown attempted to capture him.

31 October 2017 – NCEA under review: Current approach missing the mark, Newsroom. NZARE member Dr Peter Rawlins comments on issues needing to be considered in the upcoming review of the National Certificate of Educational Achievement (NCEA).

30 October 2017 – Coalition agreements a signal of support for education sector, Education Central. NZARE member Dr Camilla Highfield is encouraged by the new coalition government’s move to reinstate Te Kotahitanga and other targeted programmes that will help ensure success for all New Zealand students on an individual level.

27 October 2017 – Political cast to Ngā Kupu book awards, Waatea News. A book by NZARE co-president Dr Agnes McFarland and NZARE member Professor Taiarahia Black is a finalist for the Te Reo Māori category of the 2017 Ngā Kupu Book Awards.

25 October 2017 – How the new government will transform tertiary education, Education Central. NZARE member Roger Smyth anticipates some interesting changes for New Zealand’s tertiary education system under a Labour-NZ First government.

24 October 2017 – Gifted children win funding in coalition deal, NZ Herald. NZARE member Associate Professor Mere Berryman comments on the new government’s decision to restore funding for the Te Kotahitanga project, which Dr Berryman co-directed.

19 October 2017 – #MeToo: The silence from perpetrators of abuse is palpable, Manukau Courier. NZARE member and doctoral student Jean Allen comments on the recent media campaign raising awareness of sexual assault and harrassment.

16 October 2017 – Approach MLEs with caution, Education Central. NZARE member Dr Graham McPhail argues that while modern learning environments (MLEs) can help facilitate different pedagogical approaches, there is no inherent link between classroom design and educational outcomes.

5 October 2017 – Terror on TV: What do I say to my children? Newsroom. NZARE member Associate Professor Carol Mutch draws on her research into schools in the aftermath of the Canterbury earthquakes to discuss how educators and whānau can help children cope with fears brought about by exposure to the horrors of mass tragedy.

29 September 2017 – Statutory manager called in to Pahiatua school, Manawatū Standard. NZARE member Professor John O’Neill comments on the challenges faced by school boards of trustees.

28 September 2017 – Bigger classrooms, bigger problems, Newsroom. NZARE member Associate Professor Roberta Hunter discusses concerns about the government-driven move to modern/innovative learning environments.

22 September 2017 – Māori translation of ‘Moana’ is a hit in New Zealand, Smithsonian SmartNews. Draws on the work of NZARE member (and past president) Professor Linda Tuhiwai Smith around the history of Te Reo Māori.

20 September 2017 – Poverty, education need integrated approach, Newsroom. NZARE member Dr Cathy Wylie, MNZM, discusses the resourcing issues facing education in NZ.

17 September 2017 – Tolaga Bay set to benefit from revolutionary maths philosophy, Māori Television. Featuring the work of NZARE member Associate Professor Roberta Hunter.

13 September 2017 – Te Wiki o Te Reo Māori: Pay Te Reo speakers a premium, Newsroom (video). NZARE member Dr Sophie Tamati discusses the progress made in the status of Te Reo in Aotearoa today.

12 September 2017 – Māori students gain from different teaching style, New Zealand Herald. NZARE member Associate Professor Mere Berryman comments on the risk of culture and identity being lost in a narrowing of the curriculum.

11 September 2017 – Giving voice to the young: Survey shows people want under-18s involved in politics, The Conversation. Co-authored by NZARE co-president, Associate Professor Jenny Ritchie.

9 September 2017 – Voters face tough choice between National and Labour education priorities, New Zealand Herald. NZARE member Associate Professor Mere Berryman comments on equity issues and aspirations for Māori NCEA achievement.

6 September 2017 – Education priorities for a New Zealand where all children can flourish, Child Poverty Action Group release with statements from NZARE life members Dr Vicki Carpenter and Professor John O’Neill and NZARE co-president, Associate Professor Jenny Ritchie.

19 August 2017 – Boys fall further behind girls in primary school reading and writing, New Zealand Herald. NZARE member Professor Martin Thrupp comments on factors contributing to the increasing gap between boys’ and girls’ achievement in NZ primary schools.

19 August 2017 – National Standards: Are they working? New Zealand Herald. NZARE member Professor Martin Thrupp comments on his in-depth study of National Standards.

18 August 2017 – Are Kiwis educated enough about climate change? Newsroom. NZARE co-president Associate Professor Jenny Ritchie and her colleague Dr Andrea Milligan ask whether climate change education is up to scratch in New Zealand, and how we can take a more comprehensive approach.

17 August 2017 – Young Kiwis shatter silence about our difficult past, Newsroom. NZARE member Associate Professor Joanna Kidman discusses the importance of acknowledging Aotearoa’s difficult past and the positive attitudes shown by young New Zealanders.

31 July 2017 – What’s there to fear from lowering the voting age? Newsroom. NZARE member Dr Bronwyn Wood examines the arguments for and against lowering the voting age.

17 July 2017 – Assessing teachers – A plea for caution, Dominion Post. NZARE life member Emeritus Professor Ivan Snook argues against the trend to assume that the achievement of students and schools can be directly attributed to the work of teachers.

28 June 2017 – NZ universities’ credibility at risk, Newsroom. Discusses NZARE member Dr Bronwyn Wood‘s address to the government’s Education and Science Select Committee about reforms to tertiary institutions’ funding and accountability proposed in the Education (Tertiary Education and Other Matters) Amendment Bill.

11 June 2017 – Targets and standards – Schools after 9 years of National government, Radio New Zealand Insight. With contributions from NZARE members Dr Cathy Wylie, MNZM and Professor Martin Thrupp.

9 June 2017 – Schools nervous about government’s flagship education policy, Radio New Zealand. A discussion of Communities of Learning with contributions from NZARE members Dr Cathy Wylie, MNZM, and Professor Martin Thrupp.

26 May 2017 – Election 2017: Beware the ‘Make X Great Again’ rhetoric, education’s a slow-moving beast, Stuff. By NZARE member Professor John O’Neill.

23 May 2017 – Young Kiwis more engaged as citizens than we think, Newsroom. By NZARE member Dr Bronwyn Wood.

02 May 2017 – Early childhood care should be an election priority, Newsroom.
By NZARE co-president Associate Professor Jenny Ritchie.

25 April 2017 – An open letter to the new education minister on early childhood policies, Newsroom. By NZARE member Dr Sue Cherrington.



The items listed on this page are contributions by NZARE members in the wider media. As such, they represent the views of the individual NZARE members involved and do not necessarily reflect the official views of the New Zealand Association for Research in Education.