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This page provides links to other media contributions made by NZARE members. If you know of an item that we can include in this page, please let us know by emailing

13 November 2017 – The Northland school teaching with art, Newsroom. An account of a school’s innovative teaching practice and the associated research being conducted by Dr Barbara Snook and NZARE member Associate Professor Ralph Buck.

8 November 2017 – National Standards – Let’s not throw the baby out with the bathwater, Dominion Post. NZARE member Dr Camilla Highfield argues that despite risks and costs, there is real value to the data we’ve gained through National Standards in assessing individual children’s development.

8 November 2017 – School survey finds high stress levels and staff struggles, Education Central. NZARE member and NZCER Chief Researcher Dr Cathy Wylie, MNZM, comments on the new reports published by NZCER on the National Survey of Primary and Intermediate Schools 2016.

6 November 2017 – Principals crying out for funding and support, Newstalk ZB. NZARE member and NZCER Chief Researcher Dr Cathy Wylie, MNZM, comments on the new reports published by NZCER on the National Survey of Primary and Intermediate Schools 2016.

5 November 2017 – Should we destroy the monuments of our colonial past? E-Tangata. NZARE member Associate Professor Joanna Kidman reflects on the way that New Zealand remembers its history.

31 October 2017 – Tūhoe and Te Kooti’s history reclaimed, Native Affairs. NZARE member Professor Taiarahia Black provides new insights into Tūhoe iwi’s position when Te Kooti passed through Tūhoe land and the Crown attempted to capture him.

31 October 2017 – NCEA under review: Current approach missing the mark, Newsroom. NZARE member Dr Peter Rawlins comments on issues needing to be considered in the upcoming review of the National Certificate of Educational Achievement (NCEA).

27 October 2017 – Political cast to Ngā Kupu book awards, Waatea News. A book by NZARE co-president Dr Agnes McFarland and NZARE member Professor Taiarahia Black is a finalist for the Te Reo Māori category of the 2017 Ngā Kupu Book Awards.

25 October 2017 – How the new government will transform tertiary education, Education Central. NZARE member Roger Smyth anticipates some interesting changes for New Zealand’s tertiary education system under a Labour-NZ First government.

24 October 2017 – Gifted children win funding in coalition deal, NZ Herald. NZARE member Associate Professor Mere Berryman comments on the new government’s decision to restore funding for the Te Kotahitanga project, which Dr Berryman co-directed.

19 October 2017 – #MeToo: The silence from perpetrators of abuse is palpable, Manukau Courier. NZARE member and doctoral student Jean Allen comments on the recent media campaign raising awareness of sexual assault and harrassment.

16 October 2017 – Approach MLEs with caution, Education Central. NZARE member Dr Graham McPhail argues that while modern learning environments (MLEs) can help facilitate different pedagogical approaches, there is no inherent link between classroom design and educational outcomes.

5 October 2017 – Terror on TV: What do I say to my children? Newsroom. NZARE member Associate Professor Carol Mutch draws on her research into schools in the aftermath of the Canterbury earthquakes to discuss how educators and whānau can help children cope with fears brought about by exposure to the horrors of mass tragedy.

29 September 2017 – Statutory manager called in to Pahiatua school, Manawatū Standard. NZARE member Professor John O’Neill comments on the challenges faced by school boards of trustees.

28 September 2017 – Bigger classrooms, bigger problems, Newsroom. NZARE member Associate Professor Roberta Hunter discusses concerns about the government-driven move to modern/innovative learning environments.

22 September 2017 – Māori translation of ‘Moana’ is a hit in New Zealand, Smithsonian SmartNews. Draws on the work of NZARE member (and past president) Professor Linda Tuhiwai Smith around the history of Te Reo Māori.

20 September 2017 – Poverty, education need integrated approach, Newsroom. NZARE member Dr Cathy Wylie, MNZM, discusses the resourcing issues facing education in NZ.

17 September 2017 – Tolaga Bay set to benefit from revolutionary maths philosophy, Māori Television. Featuring the work of NZARE member Associate Professor Roberta Hunter.

13 September 2017 – Te Wiki o Te Reo Māori: Pay Te Reo speakers a premium, Newsroom (video). NZARE member Dr Sophie Tamati discusses the progress made in the status of Te Reo in Aotearoa today.

12 September 2017 – Māori students gain from different teaching style, New Zealand Herald. NZARE member Associate Professor Mere Berryman comments on the risk of culture and identity being lost in a narrowing of the curriculum.

11 September 2017 – Giving voice to the young: Survey shows people want under-18s involved in politics, The Conversation. Co-authored by NZARE co-president, Associate Professor Jenny Ritchie.

9 September 2017 – Voters face tough choice between National and Labour education priorities, New Zealand Herald. NZARE member Associate Professor Mere Berryman comments on equity issues and aspirations for Māori NCEA achievement.

6 September 2017 – Education priorities for a New Zealand where all children can flourish, Child Poverty Action Group release with statements from NZARE members Dr Vicki Carpenter and Professor John O’Neill and NZARE co-president, Associate Professor Jenny Ritchie.

19 August 2017 – Boys fall further behind girls in primary school reading and writing, New Zealand Herald. NZARE member Professor Martin Thrupp comments on factors contributing to the increasing gap between boys’ and girls’ achievement in NZ primary schools.

19 August 2017 – National Standards: Are they working? New Zealand Herald. NZARE member Professor Martin Thrupp comments on his in-depth study of National Standards.

18 August 2017 – Are Kiwis educated enough about climate change? Newsroom. NZARE co-president Associate Professor Jenny Ritchie and her colleague Dr Andrea Milligan ask whether climate change education is up to scratch in New Zealand, and how we can take a more comprehensive approach.

17 August 2017 – Young Kiwis shatter silence about our difficult past, Newsroom. NZARE member Associate Professor Joanna Kidman discusses the importance of acknowledging Aotearoa’s difficult past and the positive attitudes shown by young New Zealanders.

31 July 2017 – What’s there to fear from lowering the voting age? Newsroom. NZARE member Dr Bronwyn Wood examines the arguments for and against lowering the voting age.

17 July 2017 – Assessing teachers – A plea for caution, Dominion Post. NZARE life member Emeritus Professor Ivan Snook argues against the trend to assume that the achievement of students and schools can be directly attributed to the work of teachers.

28 June 2017 – NZ universities’ credibility at risk, Newsroom. Discusses NZARE member Dr Bronwyn Wood‘s address to the government’s Education and Science Select Committee about reforms to tertiary institutions’ funding and accountability proposed in the Education (Tertiary Education and Other Matters) Amendment Bill.

11 June 2017 – Targets and standards – Schools after 9 years of National government, Radio New Zealand Insight. With contributions from NZARE members Dr Cathy Wylie, MNZM and Professor Martin Thrupp.

9 June 2017 – Schools nervous about government’s flagship education policy, Radio New Zealand. A discussion of Communities of Learning with contributions from NZARE members Dr Cathy Wylie, MNZM, and Professor Martin Thrupp.

26 May 2017 – Election 2017: Beware the ‘Make X Great Again’ rhetoric, education’s a slow-moving beast, Stuff. By NZARE member Professor John O’Neill.

23 May 2017 – Young Kiwis more engaged as citizens than we think, Newsroom. By NZARE member Dr Bronwyn Wood.

02 May 2017 – Early childhood care should be an election priority, Newsroom.
By NZARE co-president Associate Professor Jenny Ritchie.

25 April 2017 – An open letter to the new education minister on early childhood policies, Newsroom. By NZARE member Dr Sue Cherrington.



The items listed on this page are contributions by NZARE members in the wider media. As such, they represent the views of the individual NZARE members involved and do not necessarily reflect the official views of the New Zealand Association for Research in Education.